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Actress, Host & Model



Jami is a 10-year in-park host for the Cleveland Indians and the female accent voice for CBS Radio -ENTERCOM Radio in Cleveland. She is the project manager at Fusion Marketing, as well as the lead host for the Fusion LIVE entertainment team. She is also the host of the eSports show, "Inside Military eSports," out of Minneapolis, now entering its second season. Additionally, Jami is the casting agent and 1st AD for Red Bicycle Media.


Jami is an accomplished model and actress, working in entertainment and production for the last 18 years. You’ve seen her featured in countless films, commercials and national ads for companies like NIKE, Fisher Price, Lowes, Embassy Suites and Target. She is also a professional stuntwoman, recently featured in the new TBN series "Smoketown" and the 2019 Helen Hunt film "I See You." She is a member of Stunt Predators, USA.

A former newspaper reporter and award-winning writer, Jami now uses her writing expertise to also work in social media and public relations, owning her own social media company and managing accounts for multiple companies and organizations across the country. She is also a writer for Cleveland Magazine and the Great Lakes Publishing Company.

Jami is the owner of Cleveland Audition Taping (, providing recording services to actors, models and singers.


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